Karve Institute of Social Service

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Field Action Projects

  1. Family Counselling Centre
  2. CHILD-LINE (Nodal Centre)
  3. Innerwheel Balwadi
  4. Centre for Development of Appropriate Trades
  5. Brief Profile of B.D. Karve Research and Consultancy Cell.

The Cell has been initiating field action projects with a view to provide community and the interactive interventions and the field-training opportunity to the postgraduate students of Social Work. Many of these projects offer professional services to the various client groups.

Karve Nagar Community Centre

The project was initiated both as a placement opportunity for the students and in response to the felt need for pre-primary education centre for better enrolment and retention in the schools. The centre came into existence with the Balwadi or Pre- school for the children from the lower economic group with the support from Inner Wheel Club, Pune. Later on other programmes emerged out of the student’s observations and faculty’s initiative. Inner Wheel Club, Pune for long time, supported the Balwadi programme. It is now completely self-supporting.

Karve Nagar Community Centre undertakes Community outreach programmes that seek to organize the community based activities and programmes based on expressed needs of women, youth, children and aged through facilitating the development of the community based groups and networking with other agencies.

Family Counselling Centre

This is Project of Department of Women and Child welfare under Maharashtra State Social Welfare Board.

Family Counselling Centre works to deal with the problem of domestic violence against the women and children and to provide counselling, legal aid, referral and rehabilitative services to the victims of domestic violence.

The centre offers pre-marital counselling services to the youths at the college and community level, organizes legal literacy camps for the women in rural areas and urban communities.

The centre has regular liaison with the Social Security cell established in the Police Commissioner’s Office and the short stay shelter homes for women and children in Pune.

Centre for Development of Appropriate Trade Skills (C-DATS)

C-DATS Centre was established in 1995 with the help of the Special Grants Project of the Rotary International.

In 1997 in collaboration with Inter-Aide, France, the Loan disbursement activity for income generation was started in the Market yard area for women and youth. This project provided vocational training to the youth in the community and job placements after training. The Centre at Market yard has disbursed loans to about 300 beneficiaries in order to set up small business enterprises.

Since inception, more than 5000 youths have been trained in various vocations such as tailoring, leather bags making, computer literacy, fashion designing, book binding, beauty parlour and typing. Exhibitions are held in order to give an impetus to entrepreneurs by way of providing a platform to them.


Institute is involved in this project as a Nodal Organization.

This is a project of department of Women and Child Welfare CHILDLINE is a 24Hrs help line for the children in crisis and distress.

Institute assumes the responsibility of training, campaigning, documentation, advocacy and research. Institute is involved in the networking with all the support organizations and allied systems such as Police, Juvenile Justice System and Media.