Karve Institute of Social Service

50 yrs of Excellence



The Alumni Association of the Institute was formed in the year 1987-88 which was the Silver Jubilee year of the Institute. This association was named as KIPSWA (Karve Institute’s Professional Social Workers Association). Among various other activities the Association started a newsletter.

Now Karve Institute of Social Service Alumni Association has been formed. It organises sharing sessions for students and get to gethers and academic professional development programmes for alumni every year.

  1. Nandita ambike <kinss.alumni@gmail.com>
  2. Uma Panse <panse.uma@gmail.com>
  3. Anuradha Patil <anuradhapatil@yahoo.co.in>
  4. Karuna Vishal <karuna_vishal@yahoo.com>
  5. Neha Sathe <nehavikramsathe@gmail.com>
  6. Jitendra Sali <jitendrasali74@gmail.com>


  1. Convener of CD forum : Navneet Wadkar <navneet.wadkar@gmail.com>
  2. Co-ordinator of HR forum: Sharmila Shahdeo <sharmilasahadeo@gmail.com>,
    Mahesh Thakur <thakurmb75@yahoo.com>

CD Forum

During 1998-99 as a result of the initiative taken by alumni and the facultymembers of the Urban and Rural Community Development department as association called the ‘ CD Forum’ was formed with the following objectives –
  1. To initiate a platform to update knowledge and skills
  2. To prepare the ground for forming a network of CD workers
  3. To strengthen the capacities of trained social workers in the context of changing needs.

Mr Amulya Nidhi was the Convenor of the Forum till 2002. Currently Ms Bakul Deshpande is holding charge as Convener.

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