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CSR Cell


Background and Justification

This project has been taken as a CSR implementation of Cummins India Pvt Ltd. All the CSR projects should be aligned with schedule 7 of the companies’ act 2013. The CSR projects should be aligned with the company’s business and Cummins need some material from outside vendors for its product manufacturing, so many trucks arrive at Cummins and unload the stocks. While unloading, drivers keep the engine on for a long time and this adds to the carbon foot print emission as well as noise is also there which disturbs the nearby society’s residents. So, this pilot projects aims to reduce the idling of the trucks so that CO2 emission can be reduced.


To reduce the carbon foot prints from 300 trucks which have frequent visits to Cummins India.

Stakeholders of the project

  • Cummins India Pvt Ltd. (CIPL): All the employees of CIPL including contract employees.
  • KINSS CSR cell Team
  • Vendors of Cummins
  • Truck Drivers
  • Nearby Society Residents.
  • Technical Consultants and Trainer

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