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Social work has always been an integral part of every human society. However, the concept of social work has evolved over the years and continues to evolve in keeping with changing human and social needs and situations. Social work today does not mean only charity or philanthropy. It has been accorded the significance of a profession like the other helping professions and is practiced in a systematic and methodical manner.

Social Work as a profession is being increasingly recognised as a core profession in the process of human and social development. The scope of the human and social services continues to be in keeping with the functions of the Modern Welfare State. Professionally trained and qualified social workers are increasingly being sought for holding responsible positions in government and non-government organizations working in the field of individual, family, community and social development.

Society today is faced with a variety of issues which come into the fold of professional social work education, training and practice. This requires professional social workers to have a sound knowledge and value base, conducive attitudes and appropriate skills so that they are better equipped to enable people to help themselves to manage their situations and lives effectively. Appropriate application of scientific knowledge and skills with a sound foundation of values is equally essential in the entire process of social work training, education, practice and research.

Social work as a professional activity attempts to enable individuals, families and communities to satisfy their needs and resolve their difficulties, preferably, in their own cultural and social milieu and concerted efforts are made to minimize the barriers which tend to prevent people from achieving the best of which they are capable.

In order to be able to face the variety of challenges, social work education has a very systematic, well-developed, rigorous and demanding training programme. Over the years training in Social Work has assumed increasing importance and relevance as it is being recognised that a basic aptitude for helping people can be furthered, directed and moulded in order to ensure one’sdevelopment as an effective professional social worker. Training in social work is best received by an open mind since the aim and the focus of training is on the development of a healthy and mature professional personality in order to appropriately meet the demands of the social work profession.

A demand for trained social workers in various fields is continuously on the increase and newer avenues are being opened where human help is needed for dealing with difficult human situations. The training programme therefore emphasises development of efficient and competent professionals.

In commemoration of the great work done by Bharat Ratna Maharshi Dr. Dhondo Keshav Karve, Karve Institute of Social Service was established on 9th November 1963. The institute is continuously striving to provide service to society and impart training to aspiring professionals and a variety of functionaries working with people

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