student support


  • Smt. Satyabhamabai Pandit Scholarship towards part payment of tuition fees.
  • Shri. P..B.Sathe Sccholarship towards mess expenses.
  • Prof..V.G.Maydeo Scholarship for a needy student
  • Above amount does not include food cost and out of pocket expenses.
  • Miss.M.K.Davis studentship to a candidate on need-cum-merit basis (Perferably to a female candidate)
  • Smt. Kamalabai Wandrekar studentship on need-cum-merit basis (Preferably to a female candidate)
  • Mrs. Anusayabai Ganesh Apte Scholarship to a divorced, widowed or other wise deserving lady student.
  • Dr. Frances Maria Yasas Scholarship for a deserving Dalit Lady Student
  • Dr.Grace Mathew scholarship for a deserving student.
  • Scholarship instituted for providing financial assistance to needy and deserving student for completion of course
  • Smt. Durga Gokhale Scholarship to a deserving lady student.

Prizes & Awards

  • Smt.Sushilabai Bhide Prize : Awarded to the candidate who stands first in M.S.W. Examination with not less than 60% marks.
  • Shri B.K.Gokhale Prize : Awarded to the student who submits an outstanding Project Report
  • Kashinath Vishnu Damle Prize: Awarded to the student who stands first in the field work at the M.S.W. Examination (aggregate of 2 years marks)
  • Smt. Laxibai Lokur Prize : Awarded to the student who secures the highest number of aggregate marks in two years in the theory of Family and Child Welfare elective.
  • Smt. Radhabai Balkrishna Apte Prize : Awarded to the student securing highest marks in Project Report
  • Ramesh Premchand Charitable Trust Prize : Awarded to the student who stands first in M.S.W. (aggregate of 2 years) with Labour Welfare
  • Dr.Nirmala Atmaram Choudhary Memorial Prize : Awarded to the student offering the elective Medical and Psychiatric Social Work securing the highest marks in theory and field work (aggregate of 2 years).
  • Smt. Sushila Wasudeo Gokhale Prize : Awarded to the student who stands first in the M.S.W. first year.
  • Brahmachari Vishnubuva Gokhale Prize : Awarded to the candidate who stands first at field work in the first year M.S.W. Examination.
  • Kum. Meghana Submis Prize : Awarded to the candidate who secures highest marks at first year
  • Smt. Manorama Gokhale Prize : Awarded to the candidate who gets the highest marks in theory and field work in Urban and Rural Community Development elective, (aggregate of 2 years)
  • Smt. Savitribai Madan Prize : Awarded to a dedicated and needy female student of Social Work.
  • Smt. Gangubai Yashwant Joshi Prize : Awarded to a lady student who shows abilities to overcome adverse situations and faces life courageously.
  • Kum.Sanjeevani Godbole Prize: Awarded to a student making the best use of the library.
  • Com. Prabhakar Vaidya Prize : Awarded to the female student for her noteworthy participation in field work.
  • Dr. Sarala Rajaninath Modak Prize : Awarded to student for good performance.
  • Smt.Mangala Bawikar Prize: Awarded to all round student for overall good performance in academics and active involvement in curricular and extra curricular activities.
  • Smt.Anita Alekar Prize: Awarded to girl student who stands first at the MSW examination (Aggregate of 2 years)
  • Smt.Sudha Datar Prize: Awarded to student for active participation in skill lab programe and its application in field work.
  • Smt. Vijayalaxmi S. Pandit Prize: Awarded to girl students or boy (having poor economic background)
  • Bahujan Hitay Award : Prize for active contribution in reservation cell of the institute.
  • Shri D.B. Sonawane Prize : Awarded to 2nd year student of HRM getting highest marks in field work (Aggregate of Two semester).

Other Support Systems

Alumni Activity

The Alumni Association of the Institute was formed in the year 1987-88 which was the Silver Jubilee year of the Institute. This association was named as KIPSWA (Karve Institute’s Professional Social Workers Association). Among various other activities the Association had started a newsletter.
It organizes sharing sessions for students and get together and academic professional development programmes for alumni every year.

CD Forum

During 1998-99 as a result of the initiative taken by alumni and the faculty members of the Urban and Rural Community Development department an association called the 'CD Forum' was formed with the following objectives –

  • To initiate a platform to update knowledge and skills
  • To prepare the ground for forming a network of CD workers
  • To strengthen the capacities of trained social workers in the context of changing needs.

CD Forum members have regularly interacted with the institute through various supports activities for students.

HR Forum

HR forum is newly constituted students body of HRM students. HRM alumni and faculty felt a need of forum where the Practicing HR Professionals, Alumni and present students come together to share the current trends and challenges of the HR profession.

The primary objectives of this forum is to …

  • To organize interface, seminar, workshop, discussion, training programme to update the knowledge, capacities and professional skills of HR students and professionals.
  • To promote good HR practices and ethics
  • To support job placement of HR students.
  • To support the institute in its developmental activities

Other support systems and schemes

  • Individual Guide
  • Student’s Forum
  • NSS Scheme
  • Earn and Learn Scheme
  • Samarth Bharat Abhiyan Scheme
  • Grievance Redressal cell
  • Prevention of Sexual Harassment cell
  • Medical Check –up & health support
  • Special Guidance for SC/ST/VJNT/ OBC students
  • Vidyrthini Manch
  • Job Placement and Career Counseling Cell
  • Sports facility
  • Student’s Welfare-‘Boond’- Students Financial Aid & Support.
  • Bahishal Mandal


Committees Constituted for the Year 2018-2019

Sr.No. Committees Name Members of the Committee
1 Student Forum Faculty Advisor Dr. Mahesh Thakur , Mr.Chetan Diwan
2 Canteen Committee Mr. Vinayak Kasture , Mr. Prakash Pawar
3 Grievance Redressal Committee Director, Registrar, Office Superintendent (MC will nominate other members
4 Anti-ragging Committee and Squad Director , Dr. Mahesh Thakur, Mr. Vinayak Kasture
5 Internal Complaint Committee, as per Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act at workplace 2013 Ms. Ujwala Masdekar (Co-ordinator), Mr. Mangesh Talmale, Mr. Vinayak Kasture , Ms. Sadhana Dadhich (Outside Expert)


Vidyarthini Manch/Nirbhay Kanya Yojana

Ms. Ujwala Masdekar (Co-ordinator)

7 UGC Cell for SC,ST and OBC and Special Scheme for SC ST (Pune University) Director(Chairman), Dr. Mahesh Thakur ,Mr. Dada Dadas,Mr. Chetan Diwan, Mr. Vinayak Kasture , Representative of Alumni: MSW 1st & 2nd, M.Phil and Ph.D.

* Note: Committee members are subject to change if required, the Director/Management may constitute, ad hoc/temporary committee for enquiry of any issue/problem to resolve the issue.

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