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MUSKAAN is a project of Karve Institute of Social Service against Child Sexual Abuse. MUSKAAN mean smile in Hindi and our objective is to protect children from Child Sexual Abuse and help maintain their sweet innocent smile. We believe that every child should be raised in an atmosphere where they will feel safe in all ways. But it is a harsh reality of life that there is a widespread prevalence of sexual abuse of children in our society. Child sexual abuse is rarely reported because of the stigma, fear, and shame attached to it.

To deal with these issues we believe that creating awareness about child sexual abuse among a wide spectrum of population is crucial for its prevention.

The project is funded by partner organization called Yardi Software India private limited.


  • To create awareness on the issue of child sexual abuse amongst children, families, communities, institutions and government agencies
  • To provide counseling services to abused children and their families, enabling them to overcome their trauma and live healthy lives
  • To sensitize abusers, so that they understand the impact of their actions and learn to take responsibility for them
  • To facilitate rehabilitation of abused children and children in conflict with law for sexual offences
  • To share learning, experiences and resources, by networking with other groups and individuals working on CSA locally, nationally and internationally
  • To ensure better implementation of relevant laws, such as Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) act 2012


Awareness sessions: We conduct sessions in urban and rural areas for children (even as young as 4), parents, teachers and non- teaching staff in schools and colleges, members of CSR programs of companies ,community based organizations, Observation Home staff and children, women vigilance committees, police personnel and allied agencies.

Training programs: Our training programs go beyond awareness to enable participants to detect child abuse, provide basic support to abused children and their families, as well as refer cases to appropriate authorities or organizations.

POCSO awareness programs: We spread awareness about POCSO Act to social workers and government agency personnel. We also work with police personnel, Probation Officers, Juvenile Justice Board (JJB), and women’s vigilance committees to bring justice to children under the new law.

Interventions and counseling: We provide support and counseling to victimized children and children in conflict with law for sexual offences, as well as their families, enabling them to deal with cases of abuse effectively.

Helpline: We have a helpline to provide information, help and support.

Organization Structure of Muskaan:

Project Director (Hon): Ms Ujjwala Masdekar. She has done M.S.W from Mumbai University and Post Graduate Diploma in Women studies from Pune. She is lecturer at Karve Institute of Social Service. She also is social work educator for many issues like gender issues, participatory methodologies, women development, and social legislation. Capacity building trainers, researcher of government scheme program.

Core Team of the Muskaan: Core team consist of the experts who are directly involved in all the field activities.

Sharmila Raje : Completed her B.Sc (Chemistry) from Mumbai University in 1983. MA in Social work from Tata Institute of Social Sciences in 1986 with the specialization in Medical and Psychiatric Social Work. She has a experience of working in the field of rehabilitation of physically challenged children, in senior citizen home, in an orphanage and on a suicide prevention program. She has been working with Muskaan for the past 12 years working on the issue of Child Sexual Abuse.

Dr Radhika Rawat: Dr. Radhika Rawat is a Homeopathic consultant. She is a Psychological Counselor  and Sexuality Educator for past 12 years. Also a practitioner of various Alternative therapies like Inner child work, past -life Regression Therapy, Creative Movement Therapy, Visual Art Therapy. 

Has been with Muskaan since 2006 as a Core Member.

Core team members are Shubhada Ranadive, Sharmila Raje, Dr Radhika Rawat.

Advisory Committee Members: Advisory Committee members consist of Dr Deepak Walokar (Director of Karve Institute of Social Service), Anjali Maydeo (Director (Hon) of B.D. Karve Research & Consultancy cell, Adv Rama Sarode (Legal Advisor), Dr Yajyoti Singh (Child Psychologist), Bharti Kotwal (Subject Expert), Prof. Ujjwala Masdekar (Hon Director of Muskaan), Shubhada Ranadive, Sharmila Raje, Dr Radhika Rawat (Core team members of Muskaan) and Ms Anita Vipat (CWC Chairperson)

Dr Deepak Walokar : Dr Walokar has done M.A (Sociology), M.Phil (social work) and Phd in social work. He has 30 years of teaching experience and 20 years of administrative experience. His area of specialization is CSR, HRM, HRD, organizational behavior, Industrial relations, labor welfare & personal management, criminology & correctional administrative, social work, social research. He was coordinator & faculty MBA course in Dept of Management Studies & research, Tirpude collage of social work, Nagpur. He had conducted a lot of research for government, NGO, corporate organization, social developments, Needs and Impact assessment of CSR projects. He has presented a lot of papers & articles in various International, National, state level conference & seminars. Currently he is Director of Karve Institute of Social Service, Pune.

Anjali Maydoe : Anjali Maydeo has done her B.A in political science from University of Pune in 1979, M.A in social work from Tata Institute of Social Service in 1981 and M.Phil in Sociology from University of Pune in 1990. She was consultant for development programmes. She was working as social work educator since last 33 years. She had contributed in curriculum development at Masters in social work & M.Phil in social work degrees of University of Pune. She hold membership of the professional organizations like International Federation of social workers, Water & Sanitation collaboration Council, association of schools of social worker in India & Indian Association of women studies. Presently she is a Associate professor & Director, B.D Karve Research and Consultancy cell.

Adv Rama Sarode : Adv Rama did her M.A (sociology) from SNDT University in 2004, L.L.M from Pune University in 2013. She has total 16 years of working experience. She is a trainer on Human Rights Defenders. She is being involved into trainings sessions for police, lawyers, Government authorities, NGO representatives on various aspects like Human Rights, Protection of Women from Domestic violence Act (2005), Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (2012) etc. She is appointed as a member of the committee to review the conditions of the working women by Dept of Women and Child Development, Government of Maharashtra state. She is also appointed as Duty counsel for Yerwada Central prison’s female ward and girl’s observation home for the year 2005 by District Judge of Pune. Adv Rama is also a member of Integrated Women’s District Advisory Committee, Pune formulated by DWCD.

Bharti Kotwal : Bharti completed her BA Honours in political science from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University in 1968. She did her MBA from Delhi school of economics from Delhi University in 1970. She has also done one year certificate course in Feminism conducted by women’s studies women’s studies center, Pune University in 2006. She was core group member of Muskaan since its inception in 2000. She was coordinator of Muskaan from 2004 to 2011. Currently she is Head, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Department at Yardi Software India private Limited since April 2014. She had participated in regional & national consultation to formulate a specific law on CSA which resulted in the promulgation of POCSO Act, 2012.

Dr Yajyoti Singh : Dr Yajyoti has done PhD in social sciences, Masters in Developmental Psychology and B.ed in special education also equipped with a post graduate diploma in personal management. Over 22 years of experience as a child psychologist she started with the Remand home went on to schools of which the last 14 years were in Bishop as HOD mental health. She had worked simultaneously at Ruby Hall and started her own mental health center 6 years ago. She is currently with Sahayadri hospital. Cater to psycho-educational assessment and diagnostic testing of various schools. She is also involved in empowerment workshops for corporate and schools.

Staff of Muskaan: 1 Coordinator, 2 social workers.


Staff and volunteers who come in direct contact with Muskaan project will abide by the following rules:

  1. We will respect the privacy and dignity of each and every child.
  2. We will create and maintain a culture of openness; to help children to interact & express their concerns. Their voices and views will be respected.
  3. No child will ever be abused physically, emotionally or sexually by us.
  4. We will not use inappropriate language; give suggestions or advice which is inappropriate, offensive and/or abusive.
  5. We will make sure that children will be informed about the steps of intervention being taken in his/her context.
  6. We will ensure that confidentiality will be maintained regarding case details or any other details of the child; which may put the child at risk in any way.
  7. During counseling sessions the child will not be taken to an isolated space for counseling.
  8. We will take precautions to maintain a professional relationship with appropriate boundaries while working with children, as they could become excessively emotionally attached to the counselor due to their vulnerability.
  9. Muskaan provides counseling services to children who are in conflict with the law. Only staff and core team members will be allowed to meet them. We will not take any volunteers or visitors without the required permission.
  10. If we take photographs while conducting sessions, we will ensure that the identity of the children will not be revealed.
  11. We will dress in accordance with cultural sensibilities when we visit children, their families and communities.

Disciplinary action may be taken against the person in case of violation of any of the above rules.

You can contribute to keep children safe from CSA By :

  • Becoming a volunteer
  • Organizing awareness programs in your neighborhood or institution
  • Sponsoring an activity – e.g. creation of resource material / workshops for skill enhancement / medical or legal help for rehabilitation of victims
  • Making a donation

Contact Us :

Karve Institute of Social Service
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Tel : 65007556/3 Ext: 223
Helpline : 9689062202
Email : muskaanpune@gmail.com , kinssbdk.research@gmail.com